The Purpose of Weekends

The dilemma/struggle of whether to do work on the weekend is so real.

I’m always so pumped on Fridays to bring home work to do, but when it comes to Sat/Sun, I just can’t bring myself to fire up my laptop to do any of it. Argh. 

To be clear, I never think of doing work on the weekend unless it’s kind of urgent. And these days, for some reason there’s always urgent work to do. 

Today, as usual, I ended up deciding not to do any work at all. A small part of me is panicking, but I like to think a bigger part is glad that I’m taking time to do what I want instead. 

I woke up this morning and the first thing I did was make some bread. My mom bought a bread flour premix a while ago and she didn’t manage to use it, so she asked if I would use it instead. Made a couple of variants (cocoa, Italian herb, nuts, plain) just to try different flavours. They turned out a little dense (’cause I’m a noob 👀), but still tasted decent. 

Spent the afternoon dozing and watching Adam Ruins Everything on YouTube. I discovered it on College Humour yesterday and it’s pretty good! It’s a series where this guy, Adam, debunks certain common beliefs (e.g. why we don’t need 8 glasses of water a day, why low fat foods are unnecessary, etc). And some of the arguments do make sense. 

And in the evening, ’cause I felt fat and sluggish, I decided to cycle, since I’d already gone for a run yesterday. Went for my most familiar running route – along the Singapore River. (I was afraid any other route along roads might be too dangerous, given that Obikes are relatively unwieldy and sometimes faulty.)

Anyway, I made it to Clarke Quay fairly smoothly, then to Orchard, and had to leave my bike there because it was too hard to cycle with all the pedestrians. 

Because I cycled a good 10km, which in hindsight isn’t that far in terms of cycling 😆, I treated myself to an acai bowl for dinner. (I’m a firm believer of using positive reinforcement to cultivate good habits.)

And finally, at about 9.15pm, I came home, showered, and watched Planet Earth 2 with my family. 

It was a lovely day spent without doing any work. 

Maybe I should learn to be even more effective in the office, so I wouldn’t need to attempt to bring home work to do over the weekend. 


Oh yes, Tim and I booked a trip to NZ this Nov! 🙌🏼 (We were planning to go and there was an SIA promo) 

I’ve been googling now and then for things to do in order to plan our route. Enjoying the process so far 😃 Only 3.5 months to go!